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With years of experience giving lessons, clinics and more, it was time to take it to the next level where we can reach and help more and more people. We’re here to guide you in a completely new way. So, we hereby proudly introduce to you: P.A. Online.


Episode 1: Flexing & bending your horse
Episode 2: Five body parts
Episode 3: Circles – 3 points
Episode 4: Circles – speed control
Episode 5: Turnaround
Episode 6: Counter canter & lead changes
Episode 7: Back up & Rollback
Episode 8: Rundown & Stop

Oh, and we’re throwing in 4 (!) bonus videos with tips and tricks about horse tack & equipment.
Don’t miss out!


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EP.1: Flexing and bending your horse

In this episode we will show you the basics of flexing and bending your horse. I use it a lot on younger horses but also on my older horses and even show horses. We will guide you through the progress from start to finish. If you use this episode as a warm-up before your training, you will see the progress your horse is making during the training session! Take your time, that is key!

EP. 2: The five body parts

In this episode we will show you the 5 body parts you can learn to control. Riding horses is teamwork! We will show you how to move, and control, the 5 bodyparts of the horse. From chin to hip. Does your horse know how to move them? In the correct way? Without to much pressure? We will guide you through the whole process! This is an extension of flexing and bending your horse., and will ultimately benefit you in every maneuver of the reining. So if you work daily on flexing, you will get more results moving those bodyparts!

EP.3: Circles - 3 points

In this episode we will show you all you need to know about the circles. It looks the easiest in the show pen, but how do you get a good circle? We will show you some tricks to make a good round circle at a consistent speed. Body position is very important in your circles, so work on those bodyparts to perfect your results! And keep looking at your circle so your horse is in balance and knows where to go. In the next episode we are gonna go deeper in the speed control!

EP. 4: Speed Controle

In this episode we will show you how to use the speed control for the circles. We will show you how to use and dose your speed control. Does your horse take off on the big circles? Or putting his nose to the outside? Does he have a smooth transition to a small circle? We will show you how to get that right! In this episode you will see the benefits you get from flexing and bending those bodyparts! Keep up the good work! Next are the turns.

EP. 5: Turnaround

In this episode, we will show you how to get the correct turnaround. If you practiced the first two episodes, and you can move all his bodyparts smoothly, this episode is so much fun to do! Now it’s time to take it to the test, and see if you have a correct body position and balance.  We will take our time and guide you through the steps.

EP. 6: Counter canter and lead changes

In this episode we will guide you through a lead change. For this episode it is really important to have control of the body parts! Can you move his hips?  Do you know where to put your legs during a lead change? We use a lot of counter canter to practice the lead changes. So it’s important to move the hips to get a better result on your lead change! Keep practicing on flexing those bodyparts!

EP. 7: Back-up and Rollback

In this episode we will show you how to get a correct and smooth back-up. How practicing your back-up can improve your stop and rollback. We will spend a lot of time on how to let the horse follow your reins, and how making a ¾ turn can improve your rollback. Stay tuned for the final episode to complete our beginner’s course!

EP. 8: Rundown and SlidingStop

We will show you in this episode how important your rundown is to make a perfect sliding stop. And how to make a good sliding stop. We will guide you from a to b. Is your horse straight? Are you going in a straight line? Do you look where you’re going? Do YOU control the speed? Those are the things we are working on during this video. I hope you enjoyed the ride, and you will see me again in the advanced videos!

Keep up the good work.


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