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Welcome to P.A. Performance horses Online.

Saddle Up for Success! Unlock the World of Horse Riding with Our Beginner Course.

With years of experience giving lessons, clinics and more, it was time to take it to the next level where we can reach and help more and more people. We’re here to guide you in a completely new way. So, we hereby proudly introduce to you: P.A. Online –  Beginner course.

Each week a new episode will become available.
Perfect Your Ride with P.A. Online – Practice Makes Progress!

🗓️ Course schedule:

🎬 Episode 1: Flexing & Bending Your Horse
🎬 Episode 2: Five Body Parts
🎬 Episode 3: Circles – 3 Points
🎬 Episode 4: Circles – Speed Control
🎬 Episode 5: Turnaround
🎬 Episode 6: Counter Canter & Lead Changes
🎬 Episode 7: Back Up & Rollback
🎬 Episode 8: Rundown & Stop

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