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As an NRHA professional and trainer, I am the founder of P.A. Online Academy, where we share our expertise through engaging videos with the best tips and tricks for horse training and riding.

Within P.A. Online Academy, we have already welcomed many enthusiasts. We not only offer courses on our video platform but also share valuable insights through (online) 1:1 coaching.

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”I found the beginner course to be really enjoyable. The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow, and I appreciated the practical approach of watching full episodes before trying it out myself. The ability to revisit the material multiple times allowed me to reinforce my learning and practice at my own pace. Overall, it was a helpful and user-friendly experience.”

– Gina

”The beginner course was even better than I thought. Palden explained everything so well in every video. Riding circles was tough at first, but they made it simple with his explanation. My stops got way better too. Excited for the advanced course!”

– Stefanie

”I learned a bunch in the beginner horse riding course, and the best part was I could watch it again. Didn’t want to miss any of the tips packed into the video. Can’t wait for the advanced one!”

– Chris

Most popular courses:

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Amateur cursus (NL)

In deze cursus zullen we uitgebreid verschillende essentiële onderdelen op Amateur niveau behandelen.

🎬 1. Introductie video
🎬 2. Warm up
🎬 3. Circles
🎬 4. Back up & roll back
🎬 5. Spins
🎬 6. Contra galop wissels
🎬 7. Rundown & Stops
🎬 8. Showpen

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Beginner course (ENG)

Saddle Up for Success!
Unlock the World of Horse Riding with Our Beginner Course.

🎬 Episode 1: Flexing & Bending Your Horse
🎬 Episode 2: Five Body Parts
🎬 Episode 3: Circles – 3 Points
🎬 Episode 4: Circles – Speed Control
🎬 Episode 5: Turnaround
🎬 Episode 6: Counter Canter & Lead Changes
🎬 Episode 7: Back Up & Rollback
🎬 Episode 8: Rundown & Stop

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